COVID-19 coronavirus and pregnancy

Support for you during pregnancy and the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID 19 coronavirus is an illness caused by a new virus that is spreading rapidly across the world. There's no evidence that pregnant women become more unwell than healthy adults if they get COVID 19 coronavirus.

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How will COVID 19 coronavirus affect my pregnancy?

Pregnant women do not appear to become more unwell than other healthy adults if they get COVID 19 coronavirus. The majority of pregnant women will have mild or moderate symptoms of a cold or flu.

Currently, there is no evidence that says that pregnant women who get COVID 19 coronavirus are more at risk from COVID 19 coronavirus than other healthy individuals. If you have any other conditions, then please read our guidance for those at high risk

Will COVID 19 coronavirus increase the risk of miscarriage?

COVID 19 coronavirus is a new illness, and we are just beginning to learn about it. There is no evidence to suggest an increased risk of miscarriage. There is also no evidence to show that the virus can be passed to your baby while you are pregnant.

What if I have COVID 19 coronavirus and I go into labour? Should I come to the clinic?

If you have symptoms suggestive of COVID 19 coronavirus and you go into labour, please contact the government hotline and prescribed hospitals for advice on where to deliver. Unfortunately, our facilities are not equipped for managing clients with the virus.