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Providing reproductive health and family planning services across Malawi


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About BLM

We provide quality, voluntary and affordable reproductive health and family planning services in Malawi.

Our focus is on providing all our clients with a comfortable and reassuring experience wherever and whenever they visit us. We also adopt the Marie Stopes International approach of reaching women and men who cannot afford or access services.

Our commitment to you

Providing a positive and empowering client experience is core to who we are at BLM

Our centres

We have 25 Centers Our centers set the standard for our services. So, we put a lot of thought into their location, design and the way they are run. We take great care and consideration when setting fees for our services, basing our decisions on demographic data from the local community. Income from centers in wealthier areas helps to subsidize centers in urban slums and fund our services for poorer clients.

Who we are

Through our client-centred approach and high standards of clinical quality, BLM has been the largest non-governmental provider of SRH services in Malawi. Our focus is on providing all our clients with a comfortable and reassuring experience whenever they visit us.

Mobile outreach

BLM operates 28 mobile outreach teams in 25 districts of Malawi providing FP services free of charge in hard-to-reach areas of Malawi. Outreach is our most effective way of reaching the millions of people who still don’t have access to contraception. Our outreach services take a range of free or subsidized high-quality and modern contraception to people who would not be able to access it any other way.

Policy and Advocacy

BLM recognizes that providing services alone will not secure universal access to contraception or post abortal care, and that to catalyze real change we need to transform the environments in which we operate. This is why we do policy and advocacy work. Advocacy is done in partnership with other organizations forming Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) and the Coalition for Prevention of Unsafe Abortions (COPUA). BLM is also a member of technical working groups formed by the Ministry of Health and Population Services. The policy and advocacy work seeks to remove policy and social-cultural barriers to access of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services

Commercial Sales

We use this channel to ensure that people have the option to buy high-quality, sexual and reproductive healthcare products in a location that’s convenient. This includes the distribution of affordable condoms, contraceptive pills and other contraceptive and health products through pharmacies, community-based distributors and other private providers.

Public sector strengthening

Through Public sector Strengthening, we support a growing network of government facilities by mentoring them in Long Acting and Permanent Methods to ensure that they can provide these services. We also provide limited equipment to these facilities to ensure they are able to provide the services in accordance to the high-quality standards of BLM.


We collaborate closely with numerous partners in the public and private sectors to reduce duplication and maximise our impact across Malawi.

Quality assurance

We use evidence to guide our decisions and use a best practice approach through all the work we do.


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