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Banja La Mtsogolo is a leading network of caring professionals committed to delivering general medical services and reproductive health care. We take pride in providing best reproductive healthcare for every stage of woman from menstruation to menopause.

From Norway to Mlangali Health Center in Dedza.

Super proud to be visited by Norwegian Deputy Minister for International Development- Hon. Bjorg Sandkjaer at our Outreach site in Dedza.

The Norwegian government is one of the biggest donors enabling us to serve thousands of women and girls through outreach in the health sector joint fund project.

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Pregnancy options services

Services that includes pregnancy advice and those to reduce the risk of complications from a spontaneous miscarriage or an incomplete abortion.

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Contraception and family planning

We offer a wide range of short and long term contraception and family planning methods.

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Sexual and reproductive health services

Screening and treatment to keep your reproductive system healthy, including STI testing and treatment, cervical cancer screening, fertility counselling and gynaecology consultations.

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Services for men

We offer a range of services designed especially for men, including vasectomies and health checks.

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General health services

We offer a range of general health services to women and men through our Centres of Excellence.

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About us

At the heart of all our work is our mission to build a world where every birth is wanted and where women can have children by choice and not by chance.

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