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Unpacking Menstruation

News  •  19 December 2023  • 2 min read



As a way of making sure that the Contact Centre is reaching its full potential as a service delivery channel in Sexual and Reproductive Health, MSI- Malawi Contact Centre has embarked on a journey of reaching out to young people with health information using mass media.

A local radio station Timveni, popularly known for producing and airing programmes that target young people hosted a program, where Contact Centre Agent Catherine Tembo demystified menstruation period.

In the live program, Catherine Tembo unpacked menstruation period, covering all areas from how a young girl starts her period, to what is expected and how one can deal with this stage in life going forward. She also explained how the Contact Centre is assisting women and girls with troubling issues related to menstrual period and how they are referred to various centres for support and treatment if need be.

Proving that this was a necessary topic to talk about, the host opened phone lines where people were able to call or send messages asking questions about menstruation period which were attended to and addressed by Catherine Tembo live on air.

This is has proved to be an effective way of reaching out to young people addressing topics that are not openly talked about in society and driving traffic to the contact centre. During and after the live program, the contact centre registered high numbers of calls and chats asking about menstrual period and some were referred to centres for support and treatment.



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