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Is my vaginal discharge normal?



10 April 2024  •  3 m read

BCCI Officers empowering women with information

Our BCCI Officers empowering women with information on choices. Our Behaviour Change Communication and Intervention…


23 February 2024  •  3 m read

Global affairs Canada vosots Banja la Mtsogolo

It’s not every day that you get to receive important visitors in an institution.  Important visitors like…


5 February 2024  •  3 m read

Empowering Adolescents & Young People with Choice

Malawi has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Teen pregnancy rate is currently at 29%….


12 January 2024  •  3 m read

The success of Zelesi’s switch to Jadelle

Meet Zelesi Mateni a 38 years old lady, who comes from Kanyoni village T/A Mkanda Mchinji District. She is happily…


19 December 2023  •  2 m read

Unpacking Menstruation

As a way of making sure that the Contact Centre is reaching its full potential as a service delivery channel in…


12 December 2023  •  2 m read

World AIDS Day Commemoration

Banja La Mtsogolo joined the rest of the world in Commemorating World AIDS Day on 1st December. This year Ministry…


10 July 2023  •  1 m read

Penis enlargement

A penis is a body part and it is not made of clay so you cannot enlarge it without surgery or injection of fat….


29 May 2023  •  2 m read

Taking services to women and girls on International Midwives Day

Malawi commemorated the international midwives day on 19th of May 2023 in Bangwe, Blantyre. As part of…


27 March 2023  •  2 m read

From Norway to Malawi: a visit by Norwegian Deputy Minister to our outreach

All the way from Norway to Mlangali Health Center in Dedza. The Norwegian Deputy Minister for International…

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