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Taking services to women and girls on International Midwives Day

News  •  29 May 2023  • 2 min read



Malawi commemorated the international midwives day on 19th of May 2023 in Bangwe, Blantyre.

As part of commemorating the day, the Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI) invited different stakeholders in sexual reproductive health services provision in Malawi to mount pavilions showcasing their products and services. As a leading non-governmental provider of reproductive health care in Malawi, BLM not only mounted the pavilion showcasing its work but also provided outreach services at an event attended by over 5,000 people.

Our outreach team had a service point giving a chance to many Malawian women and girls who came to the venue of the event to get a method of their choice. Following strategic demand generation by our Behaviour Change Communication and Intervention Officer for Blantyre- Blessings Phiri, many women and girls thronged to the venue of the event and lined up to get services from BLM.

In the words of our outreach team leader for Blantyre dedicated outreach team, Takashi Wasela, the outreach team was simply contented with the numbers. “We felt proud to serve such a huge number of women and girls. Most of them came from Bangwe but others came from far away places. When we take services, we feel satisfied. We feel good to provide choices to thousands of women and girls in Malawi most of them poor and vulnerable” said Takashi.

Mercy Lihaka, a 24 year old woman with one child from Namiyango was all smiles after getting a method of her choice from BLM. “ BLM shortened my distance and travel time today to look for an implant. Their staff are always smiling and assist with respect” said Mercy.

Other organisations such as Partners In Health, WHO and St John of God participated during the day. It all ended with the Deputy Mister of Health giving out awards to some exceptional health facilities that have taken a further step in ensuring zero deaths of both mother and child during and after giving birth.



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