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We do not rest in our efforts to providing various family planning methods. This is the reason Banja La Mtsogolo markets and distributes various products for your family planning preference.


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Towards a world where every birth is wanted!

Banja La Mtsogolo is an official distributor and marketer of a number of products that are internationally tested and recommended for use. These products include condoms, pregnancy tests as well as emergency contraception pills.

Manyuchi Premium

Thinking of using high- end contempo condoms? Well, then think and look no further than Manyuchi Premium condoms. In a single packet of Manyuchi Premium condoms,


Manyuchi Classic

Call it the mother of Manyuchi condoms. Same trusted condom of all the time. All studded high quality condoms; keeping the moment hot and memorable. Three condoms in one pack


Back-Up Emergency

Worried about unintended pregnancy after unprotected sex? Backup is a high-quality emergency contraception pill produced with high quality standards. Backup can prevent


Pregnancy Test

Our pregnancy self-test kits give you the freedom to know whether you are pregnant or not in the comfort of your homes or offices. They are simple to use and give accurate