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Global affairs Canada vosots Banja la Mtsogolo

News  •  23 February 2024  • 3 min read



It’s not every day that you get to receive important visitors in an institution.  Important visitors like donors can bring joy beyond reproach.  With joy, open hearts, open minds and open doors, Banja La Mtsogolo was more than glad to receive visitors from Global Affairs Canada (GAC). 

The Global Affairs Canada (GAC) led by Frances Cosstick on Tuesday 20th November 2024 visited Banja La Mtsogolo to appreciate what the Contact Centre is doing under its funding in implementing the Innovations for Health, Rights and Development (iHeard) Project.

During the visit Contact Centre Supervisor Wezzie Mphande, gave an overview of the Contact Centre, how it operates, and the measures put in place to reach out to a wider audience of young people under the iHeard Project. Highlighting on the strategies used to ensure that young people know and are in contact with the contact centre.

The supervisor also showcased how the Contact Centre system works in capturing data through phone calls and chat messages which help to collect data on how many young people access the contact centre including the common questions asked.

After visiting the Contact Centre, GAC representatives visited Area 25A Banja La Mtsogolo Clinic to appreciate how young people accessing services in the clinics. Young people gathered at the clinic to access Sexual Reproductive Health services including HIV testing, Family Planning and STI consultations.

“We appreciate the support we are getting from GAC in the IHEARD project. Through the project, GAC is supporting our contact centre and service provision for adolescents and young people in our clinics. The contact centre is great platform for several adolescents and young people to reach out and ask for accurate information about their reproductive health care. They also get referrals ending in service uptake in our clinics” said Sam Kapito, BLM Director of Commercial Services.

In her words Frances Cosstick Program Delivery Lead for GAC, commended the call centre for the good work evidently being done, appreciating that she has seen great improvement in the numbers of young people accessing the contact centre. She gave the team her best wishes as they continue giving information and directing young people to access SRH services in different service delivery points.



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